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French online tuition and German online tuition; how does it work?

It is just like being in a room for a one-to-one teaching session in person – but via a computer. All you need is a computer / tablet and a webcam and microphone. The teacher and student can see and hear each other. I generally use Skype, thus I can instantly send a student the spelling or phonetic pronunciation of phrases (etc) as we talk. Classes can also be recorded to listen to again if necessary. Skype is quick, easy and free to install and use. Worksheets and audio files can be emailed to you before, during and after lessons. Homework can be emailed to you to be completed, then I mark it and provide detailed feedback. The great advantage of online learning is that you can learn in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you happen to be, cutting down on travel time if you are busy, or making learning accessible if you have mobility problems or are housebound for any reason. It also means that I can teach anyone, anywhere in the world!