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Student Testimonials

“If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be going to University to study French!! Thanks for being so great over the last two years. I really appreciate all your help, kindness and encouragement.” (Krista, 18).
“Sharon Price is very organised and hard-working. She concentrates on individual needs and works to realistic goals so that all students are able to develop their ability and gain confidence in the language.” (Frances, 25).
“As a teenager, I hated school and had no interest in academic subjects. Now, over twenty years later, I’ve been learning French with Sharon for two years, and I am absolutely loving it! Sharon ensures that learning is no longer a chore, but great fun. It is fantastic to go to France regularly, try out my new skills, and take part in conversations with French natives. I am amazed at how much I’ve achieved and it makes trips to France so much more exciting. Online learning works brilliantly – I’m hooked!” (Carl, 41).
“I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough as a French tutor! From the first lesson to the final preparations before exams I felt fully supported and she always made things fun and interesting to learn. I am happy to say that I attained a grade A in my A Level French and this is hugely thanks to the extremely high standard of teaching I received from Sharon, as she made sure I was always improving my standards and finding the best exam techniques and methods for revising/learning to suit me personally, enabling me to fulfil my potential. Needless to say I am very grateful, and I am excited to use my French language skills in the years to come. Merci beaucoup!” (Sophie, 18).
“Sharon helped me go from failing French to getting B's and A's and enjoying it again. Also she's a lovely person who makes sure you strive to do the best you can so if you're looking for someone to help with your child's exams then I highly recommend her, she's awesome!” (Gwennan, 20).
“Without her personal tuition my daughter wouldn't have attained her fantastic grades in French AS and A2! My daughter self-doubted her ability, lacking the confidence to fluently converse in French. Sharon was very patient with her, building up her confidence, assuring her that she already had the ability to succeed, just believe! Needless to say my daughter trusted her and blossomed. She approached her French oral exam with great confidence and enthusiasm! Her A2 result was the proof. Examination results of pupils that had tuition with Languages For Living are excellent. If you're looking for extra support with French and German then I strongly recommend Sharon Price.” (Debbi, parent).
“I've been learning French online with Sharon for the past year, motivated by the desire to improve my confidence in being able to converse with the neighbours in Vernet-les-Bains in the Pyrenees where we have recently bought a house. I wanted a course that was tailored to what I need, with a focus on conversational topics which would extend my vocabulary. It's proved difficult in the past to get to a class because of having a full time job and limited evening availability, so the option of doing the class via Skype, thus eliminating the need to travel, has been fantastic. Needless to say, a one-to-one session means that you HAVE to speak all the time, which is great for practice. Sharon is a patient and good-humoured teacher, whose own spoken French is very clear. She has pitched the lessons at exactly the right level for me, making the classes challenging and demanding, but ensuring that the topics are always interesting and relevant. Merci beaucoup!” (Gwenan, 64).
“Sharon Price was my French tutor during my A Levels. After achieving a grade ‘D’ at AS Level French in school, I decided to look for additional support. After several months of teaching, I resat my AS Level French exams alongside the additional A2 Level exams. In the summer, I was delighted to have achieved an ‘A’ in A Level French. Sharon worked very hard alongside me and she motivated me to do well. Her lessons were always well organised and my speaking and writing (especially grammar) skills were greatly improved. Since my lessons with Sharon, I have used my French abroad whilst working as an au pair in France.” (Eleanor, 22).
“I’m so chuffed with my results! I just wanted to say thank you, and that I think you’ve been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I found you approachable and seeing how organised you were made me see that it was actually possible!” (Laura, 19).
“I feel like I’ve come on loads in both French and German, thanks to your supportive teaching. It has just made me more determined to pursue a career in languages.” (Jess, 18).
“I always looked forward to my A Level lessons with Sharon because I knew we’d get lots done and have fun in the process. When I was in Switzerland, people commented on my good German, and I am always amazed how much I understand. When teaching teenagers, Sharon is firm but friendly, and she certainly got the best out of all of us. A really nice variety of ways of learning meant we didn’t get bored!” (Sigrid, 21).
“Thank you very much for all your hard work and your patience with me. The best teacher by far!” (Nick, 18).
“Thank you for everything; your help, advice and kindness. I had a great time studying French with you and I feel you have helped me progress loads!” (Xenia, 20).
“Learning French with Sharon was a great experience. She was always well-prepared, very creative with her lesson plans, and allowed me to go at my own pace.” (Tim, 45).
"Without the excellent help and support from Sharon, my son would not have had the confidence to even sit his French GCSE exams. But with her guidance and high expectations he gained confidence not only in the basics of French but was able to extend his use of the language in reading, writing and speaking. He achieved a C grade when his predicted grade was an E! I would recommend Sharon to anybody as she tailors her teaching to suit the needs of the learner. Thank you." (Matthew, parent).